About Us

About Jehudi Consultants

JEHUDI Consultants is an organization which functions in French and in English. Jehudi Consultants deal with Education, Research in Education, writing, screenwriting and audiovisual production.

I am Jacqueline Jean-Baptiste, the head of Jehudi Consultants. My experience in teaching spans from Kindergarten to Graduate Studies. I write programs for educational organizations and other organizations of special needs.

I mentored other educators particularly teachers. I work in French and in English.

As screenwriter and producer, I produced two documentaries to date:

The first one: Eavesdropping on Souls: A Journey into Haitian Arts (51 minutes) and the second one: Le fait français en Ontario is produced exclusively in French.

At Jehudi Consultants, Jacqueline Jean-Baptiste works with several professionals: Teachers, researchers, writers, technologists, photographers, camera operators, editors and many others who help in the completion and the excellence of the different projects.

Professionalism is what drives excellency at Jehudi Consultants.