Jehudi Consultants Service

Jehudi Consultants organize projects for large organizations with several components, for example, a school board has many schools.

They may want to initiate a project for all the schools, but teachers and other professionals, taken by their everyday job activities, will not have enough time for a valuable contribution to that larger project. The school board can have the project made by an organization like Jehudi who has all the experiences combined and very qualified professionals to accomplish this project.

Jehudi Consultants Service

Jehudi Consultants may suggest a project to several school boards when for example students can benefit from an historical event by learning in a non-classroom event. It can be a play, an audiovisual document, where thousand of students can have the opportunity to attend.

Jehudi Consultants

Carline, a retired teacher, got hired by a North American foundation whose goals are to help youth in a foreign and less developed country. On behalf of the foundation, Carline consults Jehudi to get help about how she can better approach that kind of work. Jehudi can help Carline with a step by step plan to start the project, from learning about some of the places where the project will be implemented, to cultural differences, to the kind of salary to be paid, to the every day life in a foreign and poor country; very essential elements for foreign companies going to unknown places. Many times, foreigners miss because of cultural misunderstanding, and stereotypical ways they approach people from a poor country. Jehudi can also help evaluate needs, to learn about history and culture, balance with the monetary amount put forward by the foundation Even help Carline to be aware of her living in a foreign country for the first time.

An approach by knowledgeable professionals provided with the help of the Consultants can be meaningful and contribute to the success of the project and the pride of that foundation which will talk about it and help members to promote themselves